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Bringing your visions to life.

  •  Virtual and in-person architectural design highlighting Realistic Rendering to bring your vision alive. 

  •  From the smallest to largest project residential or commercial.

  • Modern to Historical spaces

Let's Meet

Hi.  I'm Sandy, an expert in showing the possibilities of every space!

As an architectural designer & color strategist, I know homes!  I design all types of interior and exterior plans for my wonderful clients, helping them create meaningful, beautiful, functional spaces. My clients typically are looking to have me design residential & commercial spaces, additions, and new builds to achieve harmony throughout. 


 I specialized in realistic renders to help my clients visualize what their space can look like with not only a change of material, but also removing walls, soffits and installing new doors, cabinets, windows, roofs, and building additions.  

The color consulting services I offer are unique. I have expertise in understanding how to use colorimetry.  Colorimetry is the science of quantifying how we see color.  I approach color very differently from other color consultants.  As a result, the services I offer are one-of-kind.


I help clients in the real estate field with realistic rendering, 3D walkthroughs, 360-tours, & animation of future developments.

I also enjoy designing functional and beautiful small homes that are typically 500-1000 square feet is a long time passion of mine. These are not tiny mobile homes, but permanent small homes such as a senior pod for example.  Space function is a honed skill I use in all my designs. 

I use a variety of platforms when working  with my clients such as Chief Architect, Sketchup, Enscape, Canva, iMovie, PowerPoint, Pinterest, Milanote and Zoom for virtual meetings.   My training is from the New York Institute of Art and Design, Camp Chroma, Chief Architect and certifications in ADA compliant design. 

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